Pulling the Colour Trigger

November 20, 2013

Looking into your closet to gather a sense of your style before you outfit your home can be a good idea.  I've heard this advice many times over the years and I tend to agree. But I'd like to add that this will only work if you only keep what you love in your wardrobe because many of us keep items that we've never worn or just don't feel our best in. For this reason I suggest that if we are going to follow this rule than we should ruthlessly edit our wardrobe first or separate 3 to 5 of our favourite outfits from the bunch. I highly recommend this post from The Simply Luxurious Life and her other style posts for doing just that.

Another reason why this may be a good rule to follow is that if you're anything like me than the overall style in your Pinterest folders and other home decor inspiration files is vastly different than what's in your own wardrobe. My files are filled with rich colour pallets, lavishly accessorized rooms, and overtly feminine/girly furnishings. And while these are lovely, they just aren't truly me

If I don't dress this way than dressing my home this way likely won't make me feel most comfortable. Looking into my wardrobe and style inspiration files I see more of this…

Simple, black and white, with splashes of leopard and red. But this creates a challenge, this colour/pattern pallet can easily veer into tacky territory if one is not careful. The design board I created last month could fit the bill but what makes it is the stunning architectural detail, none of which this apartment has. What to do, what to do? Check back later this week to see what ideas I come up with.


  1. Loving a pop of Chanel lipstick red lately.. great images!!!!

  2. I love, love, LOVE this post!! Such an interesting subject, and one I have often contemplated... how our wardrobe affects our décor, and vice versa. Excellent read!

    The Glam Pad

    1. I was looking for your email address, but I cannot find it. I have an idea for a guest post, if you are interested... Please let me know! :) theglampad@gmail.com