Putting the pieces together

October 31, 2013

When putting design boards together I'd like to learn how to clip out the background of each image to lay it over top of an other. I'm a new mac user as well, so if anyone could comment with a suggestion I'd be grateful. Polyvore is an excellent website but unfortunately I cant crop each image in any way I choose. I think if I could do that the design board below would look MUCH better.

So which image looks better? Which one conveys the idea better?

Anyway... the entryway I put together was inspired by the Cole and Sons Hummingbird wallpaper in the Ivory colour way. Paired with wainscotting and crown moulding painted out in Benjamin Moore's Mulberry. And the sumptuous green velvet chairs to provide a bit of visual interest/contrast. I kept the console, mirror, and scones the same finish to keep the look from going overboard.

Skulls and Zombies

October 30, 2013

Heres a Halloween appropriate post...

A few years back I remember seeing a skull print in a shelter magazine and learning it was a Damien Hirst. I instantly feel in love. Wouldn't it be a great foil for a feminine feeling decor?

But anything Damien isn't exactly budget friendly... not even a little...
So I've bought a few other skull themed items... even a skull tank I wear hoping I'm not viewed as an angsty teen wannabe. 

I've placed a Crystal Head Vodka bottle (Don't you just love that the company was founded by (Dan Ayrkoyd?!) next to my newest edition... this colourful skull print...

Seems to me if I'm to continue blogging I'll need to pick up a decent camera and some lessons, the iPhone just isn't going to cut it.

And these baby skulls I turned into salt and pepper shakers...

And wouldn't I just love to have this guy framed... but that would be weird right?
But then again, zombie boy has walked the runway for Angel Sanchez and featured in a Thierry Mugler ad campaign.

And an inspiration board I threw together a long time ago...

October 28, 2013

Creating continuity with colour in my small apartment is what I'm aiming for. I like the sense of calm it creates regardless of how wild the colour choice. Throw in contrasting art or chairs to keep it from being too monotone.

Now I'm not talking match-matchy here, just having 2 to 3 key pieces the same shade: sofa/wall colour, curtains/wall colour, bedding/flooring or wall colour, etc.

Currently my sofa is charcoal/black and I'm not going to match the paint to it because the living room flows into the dining room and hall with no obvious transitions for a change of colour. I have no problem with a black bedroom, powder room, or kitchen. In fact, I've done all three in the past. So I'm leaning towards using this technique in the itty bitty bedroom.

These are my inspiration pics...

(House Beautiful)


(Tory Burch)

(Elle Decor)

(House Beautiful)

(House Beautiful)

Too much is not enough

October 25, 2013

This post is dedicated to my mother who is just home from vacationing in Texas and recovering from an escalator ride... guess she didn't learn how to use them in her teeny tiny town...

or how to ride a mechanical bull for that matter.

Her love of red closely resembles Diana Vreeland's "Garden from Hell"

Too much is just not enough. So here is a red living room for her very own...

October 24, 2013

Andrea over at The Glam Pad has reignited my long-time love of De Gournay wallpaper with the one room challenge that I've featured earlier this week. So I've played round with a few of my favourite pieces of furniture and created a living room board.

A single pillow in this velvet fabric from Designers Guild would tie in nicely with the wallpaper...

And a bedroom that I've longed to call my own...

Leopard is a Neutral

October 22, 2013

Thanks to Homesense I can practice budget ninja skills on my wardrobe too. Just yesterday I scored a Tahari velvet blazer, leopard print blouse, and juicy couture jeans for cheap.

Paired with a few pieces from my wardrobe I can create a chic class to dinner and drinks look.

And BTW...


October 21, 2013

An insane bathroom redo for the one room challenge is taking place over at The Glam Pad. Hello floor, meet my jaw. This girl is after my own heart. She beautifully proves yesterday's point about a budget not dictating the look. 

Gracie and De Gournay style wallpaper at a fraction of the price...

                                     A marble pedestal sink with a $21,926 savings...

Ebay sconces that look like like they came from the ever expensive 1st Dibs...

She's seriously killing me with envy and admiration, how did I just discover her blog today?

Big look, small budget

Having a small budget hasn’t stopped me from creating the look I was after. But it has forced me to be more creative when sourcing furniture and accessories. I haunt Kijiji and Homesense and have no problem refinish both old and new items if the price is right.
 It’s also taught me through trial and error that certain pieces should command a larger portion of that teeny budget. My lovely ex would have no problem telling you that my hobby is buying sofas then quickly selling them after they don’t meet my lofty expectations.
Anywho… because my apartment doesn’t have an architectural focal point I created one. 

I began with this drool worthy dresser from Pieces that I wanted but couldn’t afford.

So, I spent months on Kijiji until I found the credenza that I personally refinished (grand total of 350).

The lamps are Ralph Lauren via Homesense (orig price 1050 each, paid 60).
Mirror is a Bungalow 5 look-a-like via Homesense (reduced to 125) that was sprayed white from silver.
Nude is an Etsy find from a seller that no longer exist on the site.
And the amethyst was a souvenir from a rock shop in Five Islands, NS. 
So essentially I’ve created the whole look for less than the original price of just one of those lamps.