I'm so excited!

November 13, 2013

I'm so excited! Oh my gosh! I've landed a job at a high-end custom furniture manufacturer and showroom and I couldn't possibly be more pleased.

So that you can understand how big of a step this is for me I want to give you a little personal background about myself ...

I began my career by listening to the advice of teachers, friends, and family members rather than following my heart. I've been gifted with a natural talent for mathematics, chemistry, and physics, subjects I easily excelled at (not bragging, just being honest). I had a wonderful VP at my high school who cared about his students' futures and took interest in our progress. I remember having a discussion with him where he urged me to use these talents and not waste them. Having taken his advice to heart I persued a Bachelor of Science at the Dalhousie University. And while I did enjoy learning, I was never passionate about a career in the sciences or academia. So I left the program after two years.

Afterwards I spent some time working in various organizations while trying to formulate a plan for my future. I could never quite pull the trigger on any one of them because it never felt quite right. Then, it was announced that the organization I was working for was going under. So I panicked and went back to college to gain a degree in Finance. I felt a little more sure of this choice because I do devour personal finance books on my own time. But something still wasn't quite "right".

While still working towards the finish line of graduation I spent considerable time reading anything and everything devoted to helping its reader find and follow their passion. This blog has been a tremendous help along my path to passion. That's what caused me to begin blogging, to explore what lights me on fire.

And here's a little pretty for your eyes... My all time favourite room! Thanks for popping by and listening to my verbal "happy dance".

(Miles Redd via House Beautiful)


  1. Good for you! That's great!
    You will have to share the furniture source !
    Have a good weekend ,

  2. Very exciting news! Are you at Geddes? And thanks for popping by my blog - always lovely to meet a fellow Hali blogger :)

  3. I'm so happy for you. I just found your blog and will be adding you to my blog roll. All success I've had in life has always come when I really wanted to be doing what I was doing. Things change, people change, and our interests change.
    Change is good. Follow your bliss...