January 30, 2014

 My apologies for the prolonged absence! A slow internet connection, lack of inspiration, and non-existent budget has kept me from keeping up with my favourite blogs or making progress in my sparsely furnished home. 

BUT I did pick up a few paint samples!

Top and bottom swatches are both All-A-Blaze, center left is Passion Fruit, and center right is Tomato Cream Soup. All are from Benjamin Moore. 

Darn iPhone makes them appear darker. And I'm missing a swatch of Pink Flamingo… my price conscious Ginga' Ninja assumed that I'd be unwilling to "splurge" on the full spectrum paint. I do have a large paint card for comparison though.
So far Passion Fruit is competing with Tomato in my paint race…

with Passion Fruit pulling ahead! (Go banana! for all those die hard Simpsons fans)

Perfect at night… may be slightly too orange in daylight. If I had access to Fine Paints of Europe I'd try Colonial Rose.

Maybe I'm splitting hairs here?

This is what I'm aiming for. 

Bedding has yet to be decided.
LOVE that secretary desk, would jump through hoops for it. But it's a vintage piece not likely to be found again. So I'm considering this local Kijiji find…

Styled up like this beauty...

So what do you, my lovely readers think?

Snow Day

January 22, 2014

Snow Day!
There's a bridge and harbour over there somewhere...

So I'm staying in and warm with these…

Found these at work the other day among many others, thought I'd borrow them. Ohhhhh it was like being a kid in a candy store!

What else would I do on a storm day but absorb all this design goodness?

New Year Re-organization

January 17, 2014

With the New Year comes the renewed need for organization. It's a phenomenon felt by not just me but by most of the population. Well, I assume so anyway… based on the number of retailers putting out organizational items this time of year. The Home Depot in particular. Thanks to the sale they recently had on clear shoe boxes ($ .87 each!) I was able to get a start on my closet clean-up. 

This is an in-progress photo I'd like to share with you…

Much better than the mess that previously inhabited the top shelf. And as you can see I truly do stick to black, white, and navy with pops of red, pink, and leopard. Now to dream up something as fabulous as the closet make-over featured on The Aestate… feast your eyes on this loveliness!

Ahhhh it reignites my love of "the black wall". And I'd really like to thank my lovely readers for the kind words and reassurance on my last post regarding my black walled living room. You've all encouraged me to go out and pick up another gallon of matte black and complete the paint job. 


January 14, 2014

Here's a photo of the most recent paint job. Although I like it… I don't love it. You see, I've had a black bedroom in a previous apartment. It had large mouldings that I painted white as well as the floor and the ceiling was also painted black. It was glorious. 

(This a little bedside table I created by removing the glass topped swirly iron design and welding a piece of sheet metal to before painted black, another Kijiji make-over)

Maybe I should have gone with the veuve clicquot orange I used in a previous mood board…

I really don't mind the trial and error though… I see it as a form of education. 

Progress to Come

January 6, 2014

Hello lovely ladies and gents! Yes, Yes, I know it's been rather silent around here this past month. My apologies. Once I get my little paws on a proper camera I think that will change. 

I've begun to make small bits of progress in my home in spite of having next to no budget. If you stay tuned I'll share photos. I've rearranged the layout of the living room to take better advantage of the view. Really though, why sit on the sofa and look down at a car dealership when I can move to the opposite wall and look out at the bridge and harbour? Ah yes, I remember now, I was avoiding any glimpse of the kitchen. Not that the kitchen is awful… I just prefer to avoid house work.  I may just be the luckiest girl alive to have a handsome man who does the cooking AND cleaning. I may clone him and make millions.

Any whoo… speaking of cleaning… I was considering selling my glass top coffee table due to the fact that it needs a daily wipe down. This may be old news to everyone but me, but thanks to Windex Wipes I may just keep it. Highly recommend the stuff! (BTW the rug is long gone, something else I'm in need of)

I've also had some painting action take place in the living room. Black, pitch black. Although it was not my first choice, a compromise between budget and my gentleman's taste took place. I find a black and white palette more budget friendly as more budget friendly items in these two non-colours are easier to come by. Especially fabric. I may do a post on this at some point. Anyway, stay tuned for pics of newly painted goodness. In the meantime, feel free to ogle these…

(via Style at Home)


(Book Essential Elegance)

(via sketch42)


(Miles Redd - Design on a Dime)

(Victoria Secret - supposedly the sexiest place on earth?)