January 30, 2014

 My apologies for the prolonged absence! A slow internet connection, lack of inspiration, and non-existent budget has kept me from keeping up with my favourite blogs or making progress in my sparsely furnished home. 

BUT I did pick up a few paint samples!

Top and bottom swatches are both All-A-Blaze, center left is Passion Fruit, and center right is Tomato Cream Soup. All are from Benjamin Moore. 

Darn iPhone makes them appear darker. And I'm missing a swatch of Pink Flamingo… my price conscious Ginga' Ninja assumed that I'd be unwilling to "splurge" on the full spectrum paint. I do have a large paint card for comparison though.
So far Passion Fruit is competing with Tomato in my paint race…

with Passion Fruit pulling ahead! (Go banana! for all those die hard Simpsons fans)

Perfect at night… may be slightly too orange in daylight. If I had access to Fine Paints of Europe I'd try Colonial Rose.

Maybe I'm splitting hairs here?

This is what I'm aiming for. 

Bedding has yet to be decided.
LOVE that secretary desk, would jump through hoops for it. But it's a vintage piece not likely to be found again. So I'm considering this local Kijiji find…

Styled up like this beauty...

So what do you, my lovely readers think?


  1. Your post came at the perfect time for me. I've been thinking of painting my bedroom ceiling something in that range....you've done the work for me. I love it! I also love the direction that you're going and I'm looking forward to seeing the progress. Budget...a universal pain we all feel. If we could only operate for the joy of creating beautiful spaces. I can dream....

  2. It is so hard to find the right warm pink, but I love the inspiration board I think it will be great when done!!