February 4, 2014

Being a woman I have the right to change my mind AGAIN, right? I have to admit that the black living room is just not doing it for me. It could never be as glorious as my previous black bedroom. So I've been waiting until inspiration hit… and it did.

Only I'd choose an oval or rectangular linen ottoman rather than round. And I'll use my DIY skills to make this blush Thesis wallpaper from Cavern happen.

A little test…

Yes, it's on a darker pink… it's what I had on hand when the impulse struck. A Blush paint, a level, and a coloured pencil… yup I'ma gonna do it!

Now I just need to figure out where to fit these Tigre velvet pillows into my budget. 


  1. I can't wait to see it! As for the Tiger Velvet.....I've found the best one to be Scalamandre and Ebay has some good deals. It's on my wish list too! I made a Tiger Velvet Pinterest board. Love the photos, so inspiring.

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I cannot wait to see the final result!!

    The Glam Pad