Random Wednesday

December 4, 2013

I'm really going to have to get a better blogging camera because I wish the following picture would do justice to this pretty wallpaper…

It was taken at Foxy Moon, an Aveda salon I walk by on my way to and from work. I love it when people choose bold pattern and colour and just take it all the way. The coffered-style ceilings were painted out in an exact match to the purple background (super pet peeve when a "close but not quite" situation exists) and the remainder of the salon was colour matched to the aqua in the flowers. So pretty!

This past weekend I felt the need to "educate" myself. I had shown you the easter egg lavender swatch I tried in this post and had decided not to move forward with this particular colour. But I got to thinking... I have enough to cover one wall and while I know it won't look good I have to repaint the entire room anyway. Wouldn't it be a nice way to double check my instincts? And so I did. 

What I learned was that not only was the colour ALL WRONG, it brought attention to problem areas I cannot change. The old orange parquet flooring and not so glamorous popcorn ceilings seemed to jump to attention. So what I may end up doing is sticking to a shade in the white and off-white section of the colour spectrum. Or a white background wallpaper similar to these ones
 selected by one of my fav bloggers Christine Dovey at Bijou and Boheme.

And a little shout out to another fabulous Canadian blogger Tim Lam at Design Maze and his spectacular Christmas Eiffel Tower…

So envious!


  1. A great way to hide flooring you don't like is a custom Seagrass rug. The best thing about that is it neutralizes the flooring and you can layer other rugs over it. Just started following you, so I look forward to updates...