Big look, small budget

October 21, 2013

Having a small budget hasn’t stopped me from creating the look I was after. But it has forced me to be more creative when sourcing furniture and accessories. I haunt Kijiji and Homesense and have no problem refinish both old and new items if the price is right.
 It’s also taught me through trial and error that certain pieces should command a larger portion of that teeny budget. My lovely ex would have no problem telling you that my hobby is buying sofas then quickly selling them after they don’t meet my lofty expectations.
Anywho… because my apartment doesn’t have an architectural focal point I created one. 

I began with this drool worthy dresser from Pieces that I wanted but couldn’t afford.

So, I spent months on Kijiji until I found the credenza that I personally refinished (grand total of 350).

The lamps are Ralph Lauren via Homesense (orig price 1050 each, paid 60).
Mirror is a Bungalow 5 look-a-like via Homesense (reduced to 125) that was sprayed white from silver.
Nude is an Etsy find from a seller that no longer exist on the site.
And the amethyst was a souvenir from a rock shop in Five Islands, NS. 
So essentially I’ve created the whole look for less than the original price of just one of those lamps.

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