April 16, 2013

Growing up was never a "pink" girl, quite the opposite actually. But in my adult years its grown on me so much so that it competes for my favourite colour.

Although I do love pink, I'm timid to use it in my home. Not sure why. Maybe I'm afraid of all the things that pink can mean... Baby's room. Not thanks, grown ups only in my livingroom. But I'm going to go for it. Be bold.

Love this skirt, and generally anything Jason Wu designs.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I came across this illustration by Jessica Durrant on Etsy.

After creating a mock up of how I would style the room with this piece as my inspiration I decided to go ahead with it. I've ordered it in a 36 X 48 size print to dominate the wall behind the sofa.

My next post I'll explain a bit about the other items in the design board. Now that school has all but wrapped up for the semester I'll have more time to post! Yay!


  1. that picture would look really nice behind your couch go for it!!!

  2. buy one for me does it come in RED

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